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What Does a Tax Consultant Do?

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A tax consultant is a professional who helps individuals and businesses file their taxes. They usually work for public accounting firms, financial consulting firms, or government agencies. Some also run their own practices. A tax consultant’s clients can range from individuals and businesses to foundations and nonprofit groups. Before hiring a tax consultant, you should research their background and experience.

Tax season generally runs from January to mid-April, with a spike in the early to mid-fall period. It is essential that returns are filed by mid-October for taxpayers who want to receive six-month extensions. Tax consultants can also help individuals file amended forms if they make a mistake on their returns. The right tax consultant can identify what needs to be amended and work to minimize the impact on your financial situation.

Tax consultants can help taxpayers minimize their tax liabilities and take advantage of deductions. They can also advise on charitable giving and inheritance issues. They often have additional training in accounting and tax law than a standard tax preparer. Fees for their services vary depending on the scope of the work. Tax consultants can save their clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

A good tax consultant should have strong communication skills. A good tax consultant is able to incorporate new information and research into a tax strategy. Additionally, they should be able to relate well to their clients and ensure that they understand their tax strategy. Furthermore, a tax consultant should have good organizational skills. For example, being organized will help avoid misplacing files. Lastly, a good tax consultant should be well-versed in accounting, law, and taxation.

Postgraduate education can also help in this career field. Many tax consultants earn a Master of Science in Taxation, while many others pursue a Juris Doctor degree in taxation. The latter degree will provide a deeper understanding of tax law and allow them to practice as tax attorneys. Additionally, there are a number of professional designations for tax consultants, including Certified Public Accountant and Enrolled Agent.

Fees for tax consultants vary widely. Some charge a flat fee for their work, while others charge an hourly rate. Generally, fees range from $175 to $450 an hour. It is important to do your research and ask for referrals before selecting a tax consultant. Many tax consultants are members of professional organizations that provide continuing education and ethics guidelines.

The main responsibility of a tax consultant is to help their clients save money through tax preparation. They will interview their clients to gather information about their financial status and develop strategies to minimize their tax liabilities. They will also ensure that clients fulfill their obligations and comply with the law. It is important to hire a tax consultant with experience and a degree in taxation, and a qualified candidate will be more valuable.

A tax consultant’s salary depends on many factors, including the education and experience of the candidate. Although high school graduates can also be successful in the field, most tax consultants hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting or business. About one out of every eight tax consultants did not attend college, however.

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