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Financial Times – Interesting Facts About the Financial Times

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The Financial Times is a daily business and financial newspaper that is considered an economic reference in the United States and Europe. It has a subscriber base of over a million and is published in five different editions. The paper is published in 18 different cities. It was founded by James Sheridan in 1888. The newspaper has a global reach, but is best known for its financial news. Here are some interesting facts about the paper. You can also subscribe to it online.

The Financial Times is one of the best business news organizations in the world. Their coverage of global business, geopolitical, and financial news is unparalleled. The publication harnesses a global network of award-winning journalists to deliver comprehensive news and commentary. Unlike other business newspapers, however, Financial Times has a more sophisticated reading experience. From art reviews to new discoveries in food and wine to interviews with day’s luminaries, the Financial Times covers everything.

The Financial Times is an international business newspaper printed on distinctive salmon pink broadsheet paper. It was founded in London and is now owned by Japanese holding company Nikkei. It has editorial offices around the world. In July 2015, Pearson sold the Financial Times to Nikkei for PS844 million. The paper has more than one million subscribers worldwide and has been in business since 1888. The Financial Times’ editorial stance is considered more liberal than its competitor, the Wall Street Journal.

The Financial Times publishes many different financial indicators, including the FTSE 100 Index. Its headquarters, Bracken House in Cannon Street 10, the City of London, is where most of the editorial staff and publishing center is located. In 2020, it was the most frequently quoted foreign newspaper in Germany. The newspaper also publishes a German-language edition. The German-language edition of the Financial Times is scheduled to appear in 2020. If you are a German citizen and wish to subscribe to the Financial Times, check out the following facts about this newspaper.

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