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Easy Pay Finance Review

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EasyPay finance makes the process of acquiring a loan simple and transparent. The company helps merchants and consumers with bad credit access consumer finance. It also offers exceptional customer and merchant service. It also works to ensure the long-term financial stability of its business partners. Its mission is to provide a better consumer experience.

Although Easy Pay Finance offers a minimalistic platform, it does not disclose the identity of the corporation that oversees the loans. This is one of the biggest red flags when applying for a loan with this company. It has also received numerous complaints from consumers, which are documented on its Better Business Bureau profile. Other complaints mention shady practices and outrageous interest rates. Consumers often feel that Easy Pay Finance is a scam. Furthermore, the website does not appear to be a popular one. According to SimilarWeb, it had a global rank of 606,130 as of March 4, 2018.

Easy Pay Finance has a number of features that allow users to monitor and manage the status of their payments. For example, users can set up free direct payments, change company information, and view real-time customer payment insights. Furthermore, they can review their company’s FAQ page to learn more about Easy Pay Finance’s policies.

EasyPay Finance and Transportation Alliance Bank have been criticized for taking advantage of loopholes in state interest rates to charge exorbitant interest rates to consumers. These lenders also require consumers to pay for loans for years, which is infuriating for service members and veterans. The companies’ loans are often sold as “bank loans” in order to avoid state regulations.

EasyPay also offers no-money-down policies, which help consumers pay for necessary automotive services. The company has been in the customer finance industry for 17 years. EasyPay finance is designed to meet the needs of automotive repair merchants and consumers. So, if you own an auto repair shop, don’t wait until your customer has paid off their vehicle to use it!

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